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The Projects

We from Old Species have met some incredible people and organisations over the years. These organisations and people really make the difference in the countries where it is most needed. We want to support those people. As you might already know you can support one of these projects when puchasing items in our shop.

All donations will be used for conservation work in the region and we'll keep you up to date about the projects. You can also visit the websites of the projects yourself and read more about their cause.

Campfire Academy

The place where ethical guides are born and raised

South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world especially when we have a look at the huge biodiversity in the land. A lot of the species we see in the zoo or watch on television you can see here in the wild. South Africa is fighting a war to maintain these species in the wild and defend them against poachers and other industries that may jeopardize the future of these animals. 

Campfire Academy is one of the schools that teaches local guides and people to respect nature and all that lives in it. By sharing knowlegde in a passionate way they make sure that the next group of nature guides are dedicated to do their best conserving the ecosystems they work in.

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What do they learn at Campfire Academy

IVN natuureducatie

IVN is an organisation that focussen on bringing nature to the people living in the city. Many of us around the world life in big hubs and don't get in contact with nature that often. IVN makes sure that even the kids who grow up in area's without trees, plants and animals learn about the importance of nature around us. The organisation works with a lot of voluntary people who are passionate about nature. Bringing it back into the hard of the city. We don't all have to become rangers but it is important that we know the value of all living creatures around us.


What do they learn at IVN Natuureducatie

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