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Article 1: Definitions

Article 2: Contact details

Article 3: Applicability

Article 4: The offering

Article 5: The agreement

Article 6: Right of withdrawal

Article 7: The price

Article 8: Payment

Article 9: Shipment and delivery

Article 10: Warranty

Article 11: Complaint's procedure

Article 12: Liability

Article 13: Intellectual property

Article 14: Changes

Article 15: Disputes

Article 1: Definitions

1. Consumer: the natural person who does not act in the exercise of a profession or business, in this case a customer of Old Species who enters into a distance agreement with Old Species.

2. Day: calendar day

3. Agreement (distance): the agreement concluded between entrepreneur and consumer in the context of an organized system for distance selling of products and/or services, up to and including the conclusion of the agreement, only one or more techniques for distance communication.

4. Entrepreneur: In this case Old Species, a natural or legal person who acts in the context of his trade, business, craft or professional activity, whether or not also through another person acting on his behalf or on his behalf.

5. Durable data carrier: any means that enables the consumer or Old Species to store information addressed to him personally (including by e-mail) in a way that allows future consultation and unaltered reproduction of the stored information .

6. Right of withdrawal: the option for the consumer to cancel the agreement made earlier within a certain period of time.

7. Digital content: data that is created and delivered in a digital form.

8. Old Species: the enterprise.


Article 2: Contact details

Old Species

the Netherlands


VAT number: NL003402077B12


Chamber of Commerce: 80133185


Article 3: Applicability

1. These general terms and conditions apply to all promotions and offers from Old Species. In addition, these general terms and conditions also apply to any agreement concluded between the consumer and Old Species.

2. Before there is a (distance) agreement, the consumer will be offered the opportunity to read the general terms and conditions. If this is not the case, before the agreement (or waiver) is concluded, the consumer will be informed that the general terms and conditions for the consumer can be read and found on the website or .

3. Deviations from or additions to these general terms and conditions are only valid when they have been accepted in black and white by Old Species. Until then, these do not apply. The other provisions in the drafted general terms and conditions remain in force here.


Article 4: The offering

1. If the offer is not available or has a longer delivery time, this will be stated in the conclusion of the agreement.

2. Our products are described as clearly as possible on our website so that the consumer can make a good decision before purchasing one of our products or services.

3. If there is an incorrect price or information about services and products of Old Species, we reserve the right to correct these errors. We will then inform the consumer about this so that the consumer can reconsider the correct offer and therefore also opt for a refund. In this case, Old Species is therefore not obliged to provide the incorrect products or services.

4. An offer may be valid for a limited period of time. In that case, this will be clearly stated in the relevant means of communication that belong to the offer.

5. If Old Species uses information from third parties, we are not responsible for this.


Article 5: The agreement

1. The moment the consumer agrees to the general terms and conditions and completes a purchase via Old Species, we speak of an agreement.

2. After completion of the agreement, the consumer will receive a digital confirmation by e-mail. This contains the agreement concluded between the consumer and Old Species. You can still dissolve the agreement until the moment of confirmation.

3. When using electronic payments, Old Species has taken appropriate security measures to ensure that the consumer can complete his agreement in a secure digital manner.

4. Old Species can be informed within the legal frameworks whether the consumer can meet his payment obligations. Should Old Species find out on the basis of this check that this is not the case, Old Species can revoke and refuse the previously made agreement.


Article 6: Right of withdrawal

1. Old Species provides customization within the range of services and products supplied. Partly because of this, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the range of products and services of Old Species. This means that the consumer can no longer return the product after entering into an agreement with Old Species.

2. The consumer has the right to cancel an excursion. If this is 24 hours before the start, no costs will be charged and a suitable solution will be looked at in consultation (new excursion or refund). If the consumer cancels within 24 hours before the start of the excursion, 50% of the costs will be charged.

3. When Old Species itself is forced to cancel the excursion, all consumers will be informed. There are then two solutions, namely a refund of the costs incurred or a participation in another excursion.

Article 7: The price

1. All prices are clearly stated for the consumer on our online communications. All prices include VAT, but exclude shipping and service costs. These additional costs are clearly stated in the conclusion of the agreement so that the consumer knows at all times which amount is correct in completing the agreement.

2. Prices on the Old Species website are always leading, unless there are incorrect prices. In that case, read article 4.3 of this document. In addition, Old Species is always entitled to adjust the prices in the event of a VAT increase or an increase in shipping costs, for example.

3. Because prices of and our partners and suppliers may change in the future, Old Species may also have to adjust prices accordingly. Old Species will always state this on the relevant product page and is only valid before an agreement has been entered into.

4. Price increases within 3 months after the conclusion of the agreement are only permitted if this is the result of statutory regulations or provisions.

5. Price increases after 3 months of the conclusion of the agreement are only permitted if:

1. For Old Species: these are the result of legal regulations or provisions.

2. For the consumer: the consumer has the authority to cancel the agreement on the day when the price increase takes effect.


Article 8: Payment

1. Payments are made by using the payment methods listed under the payment options when completing the agreement.

2. The consumer is obliged to complete the full payment digitally. There is no option in the online payment environment to pay the total amount in parts, unless stated otherwise by Old Species.

3. The consumer is obliged to pass on inaccuracies in used or stated payment details to Old Species if these are incorrect.


Article 9: Shipment and delivery

1. Old Species will take the utmost care when sending and receiving products. This is how Old Species ensures that the consumer's order is sent in perfect condition. Appropriate packing material is used for this.

2. If Old Species cannot deliver the product according to the agreement due to force majeure, Old Species will inform the consumer of this and offer a suitable alternative or the option of a refund. However, Old Species is not responsible for further costs incurred by the consumer that have arisen as a result of force majeure as a result of which the delivery has not been able to take place.

3. Delivery of the order will take place at the (physical) address specified by the consumer.

4. The delivery time is indicated on the website during the completion of the agreement and depends on the country of destination.

5. Old Species ensures that the delivery will take place within the specified period at the address provided. If this changes after the agreement has been concluded, Old Species will contact the consumer and a suitable solution will be found between both parties. In such a situation, the consumer has the right to dissolve the agreement and request a refund.

6. The risk of damage or loss of products is not the responsibility of Old Species unless expressly agreed otherwise in the agreement. In the event of damage, the carrier is responsible for the damage incurred and the consumer should contact this transport company to look for an appropriate arrangement.

7. If the consumer is not present at the time of delivery and the order is returned to Old Species, the additional delivery costs will be charged to the consumer. Another option is for the consumer to pick up the order in question at the Old Species office location. In this case no additional costs will be charged.

8. Old Species is not responsible for any charges for import duties on international shipments to the consumer.


Article 10: Warranty

1. The confirmation email after entering into the agreement serves as the guarantee certificate for the consumer. This has been sent digitally to the specified email address.

2. Old Species ensures that the products and services at the time of the agreement comply with the product and service descriptions that can be found in the expressions of Old Species at that time.

3. In the event of non-conformity, the consumer has the right to free repair or replacement. If Old Species cannot provide a repair or replacement option, the consumer has the right to dissolve the agreement made and to request a refund.

4. If damage is caused by incorrect use of the delivered products, no warranty is applicable.

5. To make use of a guarantee scheme, the consumer must inform us of the complaint within 7 days of receipt of the product. This by contacting Old Species via the contact page on the website. In this case, Old Species will ask the consumer to take clear pictures of the product and the issue at hand. On that basis, Old Species will check whether the consumer is eligible for a repair or replacement scheme.

6. If the assessment shows that the consumer is not eligible for a repair or replacement scheme, Old Species is no longer responsible for incurring additional costs for the consumer that apply to the delivered product. In that case, the costs of return shipment will also be for the consumer.

7. If a complaint is reported to us later than 7 days after receipt, Old Species may no longer process the consumer's complaint.


Article 11: Complaint's procedure

1. Complaints about the implementation of the agreement made between the consumer and Old Species must be reported to Old Species within the time specified in Article 10.5 via the indicated route.

2. Complaints received by Old Species will be answered within 14 days of dispatch. If a complaint takes more time to be handled, this will be indicated to the consumer by Old Species.


Article 12: Liability

1. Old Species is not liable for any damage to products after shipping the item from the office location.

2. Old Species is not liable for damage and/or accidents concerning the consumer who may be involved in the excursions held.

3. Old Species is not responsible for a delay in delivery time when the cause lies with the carrier. Old Species is only responsible if Old Species itself cannot meet the stated delivery time. In that case, Old Species will contact the consumer for a suitable solution.

4. Old Species is not responsible for damage, cancellations or accidents resulting from force majeure.

5. Old Species is not responsible for damage or accidents during the use of products or services purchased by the consumer.

6. Old Species is not responsible for discoloration of the product when exposed to UV and other light. It is also possible that the color representation on the website is different than suggested. In this case, Old Species is not liable. We always try to deliver the products as indicated on the website.


Article 13: Intellectual property

1. With the sale of Old Species services and products, the consumer is the owner of the product. However, products may only be displayed or reproduced publicly with the permission of Old Species.

2. The content of all Old Species means of communication may only be copied for private reasons by third parties, users and consumers. If you want to use information, text, photos or videos from Old Species, Old Species must agree to this in writing.

3. The intellectual property rights with regard to all means of communication of Old Species, including the website, logos and images, belong to Old Species and may never be used by third parties and visitors to the website unless Old Species agrees in writing.


Article 14: Changes

1. Old Species has the right to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time. When that is the case, Old Species will inform its consumers so that no unexpected changes apply to them. In that case, the amended General Terms and Conditions also do not apply to existing agreements.


Article 15: Disputes

1. The legal relationship between the consumer and Old Species is exclusively governed by Dutch law.

2. All possible disputes will be submitted to the competent court of the Court of Amsterdam unless Old Species and you agree to choose another way.

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