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Privacy Policy

Old Species is committed to keeping your data safe. On this page we will explain how we use and protect your data through Old Species' means of communication.

The organisation:
Old Species
the Netherlands

VAT number: NL003402077B12
Chamber of Commerce: 80133185

Do you have questions about how we handle your data and how we protect it? Then you can send us an email at the above email address.

Handling dates:
When you visit the Old Species website, you do not need to enter any personal information. When you visit our website, no personal data comes to us. In this case, we only see access data of a visitor on the website.
Access data such as:
• From which website you came to the Old Species website.
• The name of your Internet service provider.
• And when you request files, we see that too.

With this data we only look at improving our website and we reflect on the visitor numbers and flow of visitors on the website.

When creating an account on our website or placing an order, we store the following personal data.
• Your entered contact details (name and address details + telephone and e-mail).
• Your account details during the ordering process on the website.

Why do we process your data?
1. Contact with consumer. We process your data mainly to maintain contact with the customer when necessary. Think of, for example, a delay in delivery or, for example, the cancellation of an excursion.
2. For our statistics. With all visitors and customers on our website, Old Species can check exactly which web pages are resonating with our target group and which pages, for example, need a different approach. In this way we as a webshop can continue to improve our website towards our visitors.
3. For prevention. This in the event of misuse of personal data or fraud.
4. Advertising Purposes. It is possible that after a purchase in the webshop or creating an account at Old Species you will receive digital advertising from us. If you prefer not to receive this, you can always indicate this to us so that you will no longer receive advertisements from us.

Our partners and service providers
Old Species is entitled to share the aforementioned data that we store with our support service providers. This is to ensure that, for example, problems in delivery or online can be resolved. Our partners and service providers have a duty of confidentiality regarding the data they receive from Old Species.

sell​​ or release dates
Old Species will never sell or disclose the data of its visitors and customers to third parties that are not partners or suppliers. When considering a possible transfer of data, all customers whose contact details are available must be informed of this. The consumer can then decide to agree to this.

Opt-out arrangement
As a consumer from our contact file, there is always a possibility to indicate that you do not wish to receive communications from Old Species. This can be done very easily by sending an email to . According to the new Personal Data Protection Act and the AVG guidelines, the consumer may always indicate that his/her/their data has been removed, changed or not used by Old Species. In that case, it is also best to indicate this via an email to Old Species.

social media
Old Species uses various social media platforms. All information and messages that we receive through these channels are automatically stored by the platforms themselves. We are not responsible for this. We will only share all direct messages, reactions and other expressions of followers on social media with the permission of the user.

My account
When you create an account on our website, you can always gain insight into your own contact and order details. If you want to change this information, you can do so on this personal account page. If there are aspects that you cannot change or that you would like to gain more insight into, it is best to contact us via the email address mentioned above so that we can help you further.

retention period
• Old Species will keep all contact details that are important to us in our database unless the consumer indicates that he wishes to change his mind.
• We have a legal obligation to retain for a maximum of 10 years, after which we will delete the contact details of persons who have been known to us for more than 10 years.

Any questions?
If you have any further questions about Old Species' privacy policy, please send an email to

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