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About us



Old Species is a photography brand which focuses on wildlife and nature. By providing our prints and excursions we hope to make you as excited about wildlife and nature as we are. Our beautiful planet has a lot to offer and making more and more people appreciate our oldest species is what this company is all about. With Passion, Knowledge and Respect we hope to make you fall (more) in love with wildlife. So lets connect with nature and bring your favorite Old Species home!  



Core Values



Old Species believes that everything starts with Passion. It is something infectious that will stimulate more people to appreciate our oldest species on our planet. 



Old Species believes that sharing Knowledge is essential for raising awareness of the importance of preserving wildlife and nature.



Old Species believes that Respect for each other as human beings as well as respect for nature and wildlife is a basic life-lesson.

Meet Tom


Dear reader,

Thank you so much for your interest in Old Species and I can't wait to make you as enthusiastic about wildlife, nature and photography as I am. My name is Tom, I was born in 1992 and I am currently working as a primary school teacher. I was born and raised in Amsterdam as a real city-boy, but my parents made sure that I appreciated wildlife from an early age. During my childhood my father taught me everything about wildlife by taking me to the local Zoo, showing me local birds (even in our garden), going on hikes in nature parks in the Netherlands and encouraging me to read wildlife books. No wonder that it became my dream to live in the bush and see all these animals in their natural habitat.

After finishing college and working for a couple of years, I moved to South Africa to make my dream reality: I followed a nature guide course in the Greater Krugerpark. This period in my life convinced me of the importance of contributing to conservation in a positive way. I wanted to make other people as enthusiastic and appreciative of wildlife and nature as myself. Also, someone told me a valuable life lesson during this nature guide course: "A t some point in life you have to decide what kind of man you want to be". It was at this point that I decided to take more risks, go back to college again and the idea of creating a company like Old Species was born. Ever since I've been working hard to make Old Species a reality and design, develop and deliver Old Species in a way that includes my core values for wildlife, nature and photopgraphy. With passion, knowledge and respect I hope to encourage you to connect with nature and bring your favorite Old Species home.  

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